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Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

The foundation of the Garipoglu Group of Companies was laid in 1970 when Mr Kasim Garipoglu, the lawyer started his business life in private sector, by establishing his first enterprise, Evren Tekstil at Ceyhan, Adana.

He continued his industrial production activities by applying his profound knowledge accompanied by courageous practices to several sectors ranging from textile and chemical to food and metal industries, and currently more than 2,500 people have been employed in his enterprises throughout Turkey and abroad.

In the Garipoglu Group of Companies, the tradition to give the best service with the most favorable conditions on mutual-advantage basis, by having the benefits of advanced technology, dynamic and professional management and qualified staff has never been neglected, at all.

The group has always been successful in developing current solutions to today’s changing requirements with its continuous development philosophy, and accomplished to achieve contemporary production techniques and flexibility.

The basic aim of the group is to continue its efforts to grow in a way to answer the needs of Turkey and the world.

Garipoglu Group of Companies is also aware of the importance of continued existence of industrial enterprises as much as establishing them. The group believes the investments have been made for the future of turkey and shares this honor with the employees.